Milton Reminds Residents To Sign Up for Weather Alerts

The city is encouraging residents to sign up for the CodeRED notification system so they can be warned when severe weather strikes.

With the threat of severe weather headed towards Milton, the city is strongly encouraging its citizens to sign up for its CodeRED high-speed notification system. 

The system allows the city to deliver messages in emergency situations to areas of or the entire city. CodeRED comes stocked with all listed phone numbers existing within the last year.

However, businesses and residents must input numbers if they:

  • have unlisted phone numbers,
  • changed their phone number or address within the past year
  • use a cellular or VoIP phone as their primary number

Required information includes first and last name, street address, city, state, zip code and primary phone number. Residents can also put in additional phone numbers can be entered. All information is secure and will not be used for anything but emergency alerts. 

To sign up, head over to CodeRED's website or the city's website. Once on Milton's official homepage, click on the CodeRED logo in the "Connect to Milton" section in the upper left corner. 

To sign up over the phone, call 678-242-2500 and say you would like to register.

"If your phone number is not in the CodeRED database, you will not be called," said Matthew Marietta, Milton's emergency manager. "Do not assume you are in the database - in an emergency, you'd rather get two calls then none at all."

Elena Sinishina May 01, 2014 at 09:56 AM
For people who want to sign up for their local emergency system, go to www.usnear.org. Thousands of US counties have some kind of emergency notification service, so this address (www.usnear.org) is a great way to find one page that can get to them all.


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