Looking to Score SEC Championship Tickets? Make Sure They're Real

The SEC, Alabama and the University of Georgia are warning fans to beware of counterfeit tickets to Saturday's sold-out SEC title game.

If somebody's trying to sell you a ticket to Saturday's SEC Championship game between Georgia and Alabama, take a close look.

It had better have two strips of SEC holographic foil at the top, and more foil on the championship logo in the middle. You ought to be able to see the SEC logo and name in the foil as you move the ticket around in your hand.

If you can't, walk away.

WRBL News reports that the SEC and the title-seeking teams are worried fans eager to get into the sold-out game might be scammed by counterfeiters.

“It’s important to pay close attention to the details of the ticket, especially the holographic foil,” David Knight, director of championship ticket operations, said in a news release posted on the station's website.

Are you going to the SEC Championship game Saturday? Tell us how you got your tickets.


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