Webb Bridge Students Post High Scores in Creek View Cup

Hundreds of students from 23 schools participated in the math competition.

Two hundred and twenty students representing 23 schools participated in the third Annual Cheetah Cup, a math tournament for fourth, fifth and sixth graders. The competition required tie-break questions to determine all individual prizes.

The tournament was hosted by the Academic Bowl Team on April 21. Students competed for awards in both team and individual categories. The students had to solve 20 clever, engaging and challenging problems on a variety of mathematical topics.

Although friendly, the competition was fierce, and students used many different strategies to tackle the problems. Special congratulations go to the following teams and individuals for their outstanding performance:

Individual winners

Overall High Score: Benjamin Koehler, (pictured with Creek View Principal Matt Rogers)

6th grade

  1. Benjamin Koehler, Webb Bridge
  2. Kori Vocke, Webb Bridge
  3. Tony Elengickal, Webb Bridge

5th grade

  1. Max Guao,
  2. Will Fuss, Spalding Drive     
  3. Nicolas Sanchez,

4th grade

  1. Jonathan Fang, Fulton Sunshine Academy
  2. Rahul Chandrappa, Crabapple Crossing
  3. Drew Phipps,

Team Winners

Overall High Score: Webb Bridge Middle School – Caleb Colburn, Benjamin Koehler, Mary Lou, Stephen Tong, Evan Zhang

6th grade

  1. Webb Bridge A: Caleb Colburn, Benjamin Koehler, Mary Lou, Stephen Tong, Evan Zhang
  2. Webb Bridge B: Udisha Bhattaryya, Tony Elengickal, Divyesh Gutta, Michael Tang, Kori Vocke
  3. : Chelsea Summers, Andrew Duffy, Olivia Chapman, John Healy, Lydia Eisenmann

5th grade

  1. Fulton Sunshine Academy: Jonathan Fang, Niraj Jinan, Vatan Kapadia, Praneeth Kolichala, Ananya Terala
  2. Crabapple Crossing A: Max Guao, Owen Schertz, Rachel Germany, Rahul Chandrappa, Nithik Bala
  3. Medlock Bridge B: Amy Tau, Richa Sehgal, Luke Zhou, Emma Menardi, Ema Goh

4th grade

  1. Roswell North B: Rohan Gandhi, Zekun Li, Abery Ohayon, Charlie Tropower, Ayden Guinn
  2. Abbotts Hill: Anna Chung, Theodor Elvebak, Adin R. Hof, Cade Kurzner, Charlie Liu
  3. Creek View 4th B: Eon Lu, Lowry Hicks, Varun Kasibhatla, William Myslajek, Grant Thomson


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