Webb Bridge State Champs Meet With the Governor

The Webb Bridge State Champion Academic Team taken at the State Capitol (Gov. Nathan Deal, Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers, Rep. Chuck Martin, R-Alpharetta) Thursday.

 Names (left to right):

  •  Ms. Michelle Garner (Assistant Principal)
  • Ms. Brenda Youngblood (Coach)
  • Mr. Chip Rogers (Senate Majority Leader)
  • Neha Embar (in front of Ms. Youngblood and Mr. Rogers)
  • Anav Mittal
  • Rohan Kansara
  • Brian Cai
  • Nishant Reddy
  • Governor Nathan Deal
  • Mr. Bob Swanson (Coach)
  • Shubhom Bhattacharya
  • Ben Dugger
  • Torus Lu
  • Michael Horton
  • Ms. Daria Fernalld (coach)
  • Mr. Chuck Martin (House of Representatives)

"It was a wonderful day the players will not forget," Swanson said.


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