Northwestern Art and Creative Club Students to Reveal Mural

The Milton business community and arts patrons have sponsored students to cover their tuition in a program launched by Monfort’s Education Fund for Youth Art.


The Art and Creative Club at Northwestern Middle School is only a few days away from revealing a mural being created at the school by students in the first semester of the program.

The first semester has been a 12-week program that feature that mural project, which will be installed on a wall in Northwestern’s sustainable garden in time for the unveiling. Classes are being taught by Maureen Engle, a professional artist and painter with more than 25 years of experience. Students meet each Tuesday after school to work on their panels.

Wildcat Garden Mural Unveiling

  • Tuesday, Dec. 18, 8:30 a.m.
  • Northwestern Middle School
  • Art Studio No. 208

The project was inspired by Dr. John Bartlett, a science teacher at Northwestern Middle School, who created the outdoor Permaculture classroom where the mural will be installed. Permaculture is an ecological, holistic and sustainable design system and philosophy for human living spaces. The goal of this first mural class is to encourage the students to interact with the environment and create beautiful art for everyone to enjoy.

Monfort’s Education Fund for Youth Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to building creative opportunities for all ages, launched the Art and Creative Club.

“Northwestern is committed to challenging students to strive to their full potential for academic excellence and personal growth,” said Assistant Principal Ashley McGill, the club's advisor. "Our goal is to provide discovery based learning for students who want to explore their creative side through the cultural arts."

“We have successfully partnered with the business community and other arts patrons to sponsor students to cover their tuition,” says Nancy Suttles, Creative Director and volunteer. These programs are essential for students who want to learn more about the cultural arts, creativity and critical thinking. Our goal is to use this first project as a model we can take into other schools across the nation. By partnering with Dr. and Mrs. Ray Hoyum, founders of Monfort’s Education Fund for Youth Art, we are able to offer programs at little or no cost to the participants. It is a win-win for everyone.”

 “Our goal is to raise enough money and awareness that we can offer additional after school art classes for 2013. As a “mobile mini-art school”, we have the resources, experience and professional instructor base to give students a real opportunity to build their skills to become independent contributors to the community,” says Dr. Hoyum. “There is no limit to the positive impact we can have on creative talent of all ages.”

Tuition Sponsorships:

  • $250 per student
  • 12 weeks / $21 per class
  • All donations are tax deductible.


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