Creek View Wants Students from Area Schools to be Calculating

The elementary school in Alpharetta host the Cheetah Cup, a math competition.

Students in grades 4, 5 and 6 need to sharpen their No. 2 pencils and start practicing solving math problems to compete in the second annual Cheetah Cup Math Tournament returning to .

On Saturday, April 21, five-member teams from area schools will compete for the Cheetah Cup. But there's only room for 30 teams to compete, so schools should register soon. The registration deadline is March 21.

The school promises that "the opportunity for students to grow mathematically is unsurpassed, the problems are clever, engaging, and challenging, and the atmosphere is exciting for student and teacher alike."

Each team must be accompanied by an adult who will proctor a team from another school. Students and teachers should bring their own lunches and yes, their own pencils. Leave the calculators at home, however–they aren't allowed. (That goes for smartphones and iPads, too.) Mid-morning drinks and snacks will be served.

Creek View’s Academic Bowl Team is sponsoring the Cheetah Cup. Every student will receive a certificate of participation, and awards will be given to high scoring individuals and teams.

For information, visit the Cheetah Cup website, or email Helaine Becker.



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