Community Leaders Needed as 'Principal for a Day'

Contact the Fulton School System for more information.

Think you’ve got what it takes to run a school? Comfort a crying kindergartner? Manage the morning carpool? Talk to a team of teachers who are preparing lesson plans?

Now in its fifth year, the Fulton County School System is calling for business and community leaders to participate in its Principal for a Day program and experience school administration – for a day, that is. By tackling many of the regular duties facing school leaders, these new “principals” will learn how rewarding – and demanding – it is to be an educator.

During Nov. 12-16, Fulton’s real-life principals will “hand over the keys to the school” to selected community partners to not only share their school’s successes and challenges, but also to solidify future partnerships that strengthen the educational experience for all. Activities range from staff meetings, parent conferences, classroom observations, lunchroom and carpool duty, as well as the many unexpected events that occur every day.

Fulton’s Principal for a Day event coincides with American Education Week, which is sponsored each year by the National Education Association.

Contact the school system for more information.


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