Alpharetta Kindergartners Skype with Costa Rican Peers

Pen pals use the mail to connect, sending messages about what they are learning in class.


Joana Seawel’s kindergarten class at Manning Oaks Elementary in Alpharetta has become pen pals with a kindergarten class in Costa Rica.

“We are becoming globally-minded citizens with a curiosity and appreciation for other cultures,” said Ms. Seawel in a news release from the school.

In addition to writing letters back and forth, the kindergarten class also used Skype to connect with their pen pal class in Costa Rica.

This week their pen-pals in Costa Rica received a package with letters about the animals and habitats Manning Oaks students have been learning about in science.

After visiting via Skype, students from both countries decided they wanted to write letters about their own superheroes and how they are leaders.

We are anxiously waiting on our next package to arrive in the mail," Ms. Seawel said.


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