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Milton Woman Selling Timeshare Receives Forged $19K Check

The local resident hasn't been able to reach the mortgage company in this property sale.

A Milton woman thought she had sold her timeshare on a Tampa, Fla., condo, but found instead she was the victim of forgery on a cashier's check of more than $19,000.

The woman was in the middle of selling her portion of the two bedroom, one bath condo. She had sent a cashier's check for $896 to cover closing costs and special assessment fees.

She received a second cashier's check, this one drawn on Chase Bank for $19,318. When she went to a local Chase Bank branch to determine if it was valid, she was told it was no good, she told Milton police on Jan. 16.

She hasn't been able to reach either the mortgage company or the person she sent the check for closing costs.

Other people in Florida told her she wasn't the only person who has experienced the same problems in attempting to sell a timeshare.


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