Will Avalon Get the Planning Commission's OK?

North American Properties seeks a positive recommendation for its request to amend the former Prospect Park property's master plan.

The Alpharetta Planning Commission has a full agenda for today, April 5, starting with the master plan amendment request by Avalon.

The and held a , tabling it again at the end of the discussion. It must be brought back to the table by a vote before any recommendation can be made to City Council.

Issues the commission thought were most important were:

  • Rental units proposed increase the disparity of 85 percent for sale residential to 15 percent apartments maximum;
  • Public space designated by the developer didn't meet the commissioners' idea of what met the 10 percent requirement

Other agenda items include:

  • Consideration of a conditional use to permit a religious facility use at 390 Cumming Street, Suite B.
  • Consideration of a request to add a restaurant use and a parking variance request at 4005 Old Milton Parkway.
  • Consideration of adoption of the Livable Centers Initiatives Hwy 9 study.
  • Consideration of changes to the Unified Development Code which includes downtown aesthetics such as sidewalk furniture, and signs.
  • Consideration of changes to the Historic Downtown Incentive Zoning regulations.


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