Watch Video as Newt Pushes Importance of Energy Independence

Forsyth Commissioner Jim Boff was glad to hear Gingrich comments about using American resources to stop depending on other sources for oil.

Patch caught up with Forsyth County Commission Chairman Jim Boff after Newt Gingrich spoke to the county's Republican party, and he was pleased to hear the presidential hopeful's comments about energy independence.

"I loved what Newt had to say, most especially for me about trying to become energy independent through use of shale oil and also new oil reserves found in North Dakota," Boff said.

Asked if he thought the country could return to gas prices of $2.50 a gallon or lower, which Gingrich said could happen if he was president, Boff said, "If he says it, I believe it. I can't independently establish the truth in that. But even if that's not necessarily the case, I think the fact that we won't have to depend on what the rest of the world does for something as vital as oil is to us is a good thing."

Boff joined other local and state elected officials, Forsyth residents and convention delegate hopefuls at the GOP meeting. People were standing in the aisles as hundreds more arrived than would fit in the South Forsyth High School auditorium.

Boff, asked to comment on the turnout, said, "Newt's a Georgia boy, so there's an affinity for him there. But I think that people really are upset about many of the things that have been going on for a long time in Washington. And I think they may think that may be the fellow who could stand up and change some of these things if he gets into office," Boff said.


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