North Fulton CID OKs $500,000 for Northwinds Parkway

The city and the self-taxing group of commercial property owners proposed the extension years before the Gwinnett Tech campus, planned along this route.

A plan to extend Northwinds Parkway got a boost from the North Fulton Community Improvement District (CID), which approved spending up to $500,000 toward the design of the new roadway.


The new section of roadway will run from Kimball Bridge Road to Old Milton Parkway. It will be next to the planned Gwinnett Technical College North Fulton campus, which is planned on the south side of Old Milton Parkway next to GA 400.

The CID board recently approved up to $500,000 to engineer an extension of Northwinds Parkway, said Ann Hanlon, chief operating officers for the North Fulton CID.

 “The CID is working to improve north-south access throughout the District. Westside Parkway is a great example of why more north-south access is needed – as soon as the northern extension opened, cars began using that road, and it’s received very positive feedback from everyone we’ve talked with. Northwinds Parkway is another opportunity to improve travel in North Fulton,” Hanlon said.

When extended, Northwinds Parkway will border the recently announced site of Gwinnett Technical College, while opening up new land for future development, said North Fulton CID Executive Director Brandon Beach in a news release. “Extending Northwinds Parkway is good for North Fulton. It’s been a goal for the CID and the City of Alpharetta for several years, and will be a big asset to Gwinnett Tech.”

The Northwinds Parkway extension was envisioned nearly five years ago in the CID’s Blueprint North Fulton master plan, and was included in the North Fulton Comprehensive Transportation Plan completed in 2010. The CID completed conceptual designs earlier this year to connect the north-south roadway to Old Milton Parkway, west of Georgia 400.

 “The CID has contemplated building this road since it was identified as a priority project in our original Blueprint North Fulton Master plan back in 2007-2008. The City of Alpharetta had researched it long before that as well. So this has been part of our plan for at least five years now, long before Gwinnett Tech entered the scene,” Hanlon said.

John Monson November 01, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Bob...please post THIS one (typo on Kerry's name!)...Thanks. ======================= Thank YOU, Ann, Kerry and members of the NFCID! Your shared vision, and continued support of that vision, is improving so many aspects of life in Alpharetta/Roswell. The fingerprints of this organization are all over our success!


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