New Face Will Represent District 6 At Milton Council

Lance Large to replace councilman Alan Tart at Milton City Council

Milton City Council District 6
Alan Tart .......................................43.07%
Lance Large...................................56.61%

The voters of Milton have spoken and said that Lance Large will represent them beginning in January.

In a recent statement, Large says he was impressed with voter turnout and grateful for the opportunity to serve his community.

“I want to thank everyone who voted.  We had one of the highest turnouts in Milton's history.  You stood up and made your decision known. I am honored and proud that nearly 57 percent of you chose me to serve as your representative to the Milton City Council. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me about what is important to you and thank you, again, for this opportunity.”

He also thanked those who supported him and helped make this victory possible.

“I want to say thank you to my wife who stood by me.  I want to say thank you to my campaign team and manager, my supporters and everyone who believed my 30 years of experience have prepared me for tackling our issues on the horizon is the kind of balanced experience we need,” says Large.

Large is eager to move forward and get to work on the important issues facing the .

“My first initiative will be to listen and learn from the existing members on council and the mayor. I come to this position with an open mind and only a willingness to help our city be the best for all of its citizens, both business and private. I have already been involved with the ongoing LCI study along Highway 9 and will continue to be proactively engaged as the one of the area’s council representatives.”

Large will be replacing current council member, Alan Tart, taking office in January 2012. Tart has served as a council member for the city of Milton since 2008 and will look back at those years fondly.

"Serving the citizens of Milton these past four years has been an absolute pleasure. I learned a lot about myself and serving people. I am proud of my work on council and the fact I made good on every campaign promise. Thanks to all the citizens who believed in me and allowed me to represent them."

For more on Milton City Government visit the city website.


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