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More than 150K Voted Early in Fulton County

Nearby Ocee Library saw more than 24,000 voters cast ballots in advance voting.

More than 23 percent of the registered voters in Fulton County already have been to the polls, taking advantage of early voting.

The Fulton County Department of Registrations and Elections reports that 152,563 voters headed to the polls for advance voting.

All voters in line by 7 p.m., Friday, Nov. 2, the last day of early voting, were able to cast their ballots. At Ocee Library and the North Service Center, the polls didn't close until 10:30 p.m. or later as some voters waited more than three hours to vote.

There are 659,011 registered voters in Fulton County, so more than 23 percent already have voted in this election during the 21-day advance voting period.

Four years ago, the advance voting period was 45 days long and there were 149,898 voters who voted early out of the 552,559 who were registered, or 27 percent.

The following graph was provided by Fulton County Department of Registration & Elections and is an update of its early voting totals for Nov. 2, which includes grand totals for the entire 21-day early voting period.



Number of Voters

(Nov. 2)  

Polls Closing Time


GRAND TOTALS (Oct. 15 through Nov. 2)

Adamsville Recreation Center


10:15 PM


Buckhead Library


9:15 PM


Government Center


8:00 PM


North Service Center


10:35 PM


Ocee Library


10:30 PM


South Service Center


9:45 PM


Total Number of Voters




*Final Unofficial Results


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