Milton Property Owners Want Exotic Animals

The Community Development Department has requests to allow AG-1 property owners to have more than just domestic animals on their property.

Did you know that Milton is considering a use permit requirement for exotic animals?

That sounds as if it is intended to restrict residents to only having the traditional domestic animals, such as horses, cows, sheep and pets like dogs and cats. However, it's intended to have the exact opposite effect, as the following email Q&A with Kathleen Field, Milton's director of Community Development, will reveal.

Alpharetta-Milton Patch: What prompted the idea to propose creating this use permit?

Kathleen Field: The Community Development Department has had requests from landowners in the AG-1 District to house animals other than those defined as “domestic” (which are the only types of animals currently allowed).

Patch: Why does Milton need this?

Field: The AG-1 District is very restrictive in terms of types of animals allowed. By allowing animals that fall under the “exotic” definition, but only through a use permit which means that each case is reviewed via a public hearing process and approved by the City Council, the public is protected and then landowners are then able to house animals that include a greater selection (included would be those animals as defined as “exotic”  in addition to those as defined as “domestic”).

The city of Milton will hold a Community Information Zoning Meeting at at 7 p.m. today, Aug. 29, in City Council Chambers. The agenda includes this exotic animals use permit, and changes to the private swimming pool permits.

Patch: Have there been incidents in the city that having this use permit might have helped prevent, or at least better prepared local officials to handle them?

Field: No. However, the city is trying to be responsive to requests of this type by being proactive.

Patch: Do other nearby local governments have such a permit?

Field: The staff is still researching this issue.

Patch: Is there a cost calculated on this use permit yet? Do you know how that compares with other local governments?

Field: The cost would be out standard cost for a use permit request which is $500 and this cost is comparable to other local jurisdictions.


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