Milton, Alpharetta Mayors Issue Football Challenge

The losing mayor will be serving on the lunch line of the winning high school.

Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle and Milton Mayor Joe Lockwood have put bragging rights for their cities on the line with a bet over the Alpharetta Raiders vs. Milton Eagles high school football game on Aug. 31.

Belle Isle called the Mayor's Challenge "most aptly named" and taken on at Alpharetta High's urging.

"There is a bet, I talked to Joe Lockwood about this," Alpharetta's Mayor said at the Aug. 13 City Council meeting. "The loser gets to serve lunch for the other school."

"I will be happy to serve," Belle Isle said. "It's not going to happen, anyway. Alpharetta High School is going to win easily."

The two mayors plan to be present at the first game of the high school football season for both teams, which will be Alpharetta's home opener.


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