Last Chance: Prepare for a Disaster

Hopefully it won't be your last chance, but the Crabapple Community Association hosts experts to tell you what you need to do before disaster strikes.

The Crabapple Community Association (CCA) will host both the American Red Cross and Milton's Emergency Manager on Wednesday, April 11. starting at 6 p.m. at the Alpharetta Government Center in downtown Crabapple/Milton.

This is an important meeting for one family member to attend in the Crabapple area to prepare us in an emergency, the CCA says. Being in the severe weather season, it is important to know the city's plan, what you should do beforehand to be prepared and what to expect after a disaster.  

Come hear the experts walk you through this vital information. For more information, call 770-448-3860 (Sally Rich-Kolb).

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