UPDATED: Hausmann Says Darnell Pits South Against North

The North Fulton Commissioner asks her South Fulton counterpart to stop disrespecting her and staff, while Darnell says South Fulton voters can't be told what is good for them.

UPDATED 6:35 P.M.: Fulton County Commissioner Liz Hausmann wants her counterpart, Emma Darnell, to show her and county staff some respect, rather than continue to pit North and South Fulton against each other.

A two-minute excerpt of the more than 26 minutes of discussion on the Transportation Investment Act of 2012 is embedded with this article. Visit the Fulton County website to view the entire discussion, or the entire archived meeting video.

Hausmann sent District 5 Commissioner Darnell a letter today, May 4, two days after words were exchanged during a discussion on the T-SPLOST amendment.

After receiving a copy of the letter, Darnell responded that no politican can tell residents what is good for them.

"No politician, including Commissioner Hausmann can tell the people of South Fulton what is good for them and that includes how to vote on the TSPLOST referendum. Give the people the facts – they will decide for themselves," Darnell said in her email in a request for a response from Patch.

The commissioners will give ultimate approval for projects funded with the 15 percent share of the 1 percent sales tax collected in South Fulton if the measure passes on the July 31 election.

South Fulton would get an estimated $2.9 million per year for the 10-year life of T-SPLOST, if the region's voters approve the sales tax.

After getting that explanation from staff, District 3 Commissioner Hausmann told her fellow commissioners she thought that was a significant amount of funding. Darnell, however, took issue with that and interrupted, saying "It's not your place" and that she didn't represent South Fulton.

Hausmann responded to say she was an elected commissioner and she did have a say. Two days later, she sent the letter that accompanies this article, which concludes:

"I call upon you to quell your obvious animosity toward me, North Fulton, and staff in our public meetings. I respect your service to the community and ask for the same respect in return. Our community deserves no less," she said.

JAH May 05, 2012 at 09:20 PM
... and evermore shall it be until Milton County is allowed to reappear. There has always been a rift between "Northside" and "Southside", and it won't be corrected by letters (even though it's a laudable effort).
Brian Davis May 05, 2012 at 11:15 PM
Keep up the good work Liz!
John Monson May 06, 2012 at 01:10 PM
Ron White said it best; "You can fight"...or fix..."stupid". If the last 30 years of FC governance has proven nothing else, it proves this statement. If we could "fix" Fulton County, we'd all be a lot better off; however, the victim culture that has been seeded, nurtured and so very effective in herding the voters to re-elect their "champions" of every fabricated crisis conceivable...will never concede what is best for their constituents over what keeps people this synaptically challenged in such a powerful position.


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