Has Alpharetta Picked Your Street for Milling & Resurfacing?

The city must submit an application to receive $419,800 of motor fuel tax money from the GA Department of Transportation.

Alpharetta plans to spend little more than half a million dollars on maintenance of local roads in the city, according to a grant proposal being presented at Monday night's City Council meeting.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) allocated $419,800 to the city through its fiscal year 2013 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant program. The city has to match the grant by 30 percent of the total, or $125,940. That match is in the Engineering/Public Works budget, which means Alpharetta should have $545,740 to spend on the roads.

Alpharetta Grants Administrator Amanda Day will make the recommendation. Funds have been allocated, but the city must submit its application to receive those funds.

Sections of local streets picked for milling and resurfacing in this program include:

  • Waters Road from Hampton Hall to City Limits
  • Mansell Court from Warsaw Road to End of Cul-de-sac
  • Colony Drive from Mayfield Road to end of Drive
  • Newport Hollow from Newport Bay to end of Drive
  • Newport Bay Cove from Newport Bay Drive to end of Drive
  • Newport Bay Drive from Newport Bay Passages to Newport Bay Passages
  • Highmeade Drive from Tumbling Creek Drive to end of Drive
  • Highmeade Terrace from Highmeade Drive to end of Drive
  • Newport Short from Newporty Bay Drive to end of Drive
  • Newport Trace from Newport Heights to end of Drive
  • Acreview Drive from South Kimball Bridge to end of Drive

The Local Maintenance and Improvement  Grant budget for fiscal year 2014 is based on the collection of motor fuel taxes from fiscal year 2013. The amount of each local government's allocation is based on the total centerline road miles for its local road system and the total population of the city as compared with the total statewide centerline road miles and total statewide population.

GDOT expects the majority of the proejcts to completed within the fiscal year of the grant, but the funds can be escrowed for a maximum of three fiscal years for the construction.


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