Feds Factor Teen’s Suicide Into Drug Case of Solicitor’s Husband

The husband of Jeannine Malone will be sentenced on drug trafficking charges in August. The father of 14-year-old Dakota Blaze Dyer intends to speak at the sentencing in Louisiana.


Federal prosecutors view Dakota Blaze Dyer as a victim in its drug trafficking case against Thomas Malone Jr. and nine other defendants. 

Fourteen-year-old Dakota, who lived in Breman, Ga. shot himself and died in March 2012 after prosecutors say he took a synthetic drug known on the street as “Mr. Miyagi.” His father, Lance Dyer, intends to speak at Malone’s sentencing in August. The sentencing date was rescheduled from Jan. 17.

“It’s not like a victory to me,” said Dyer. “There is nothing that will ever help you heal from the death of your child.”

Malone, of Roswell, is the husband of former Sandy Springs solicitor Jeannine Malone. , after one month on the job.

Thomas Malone pleaded guilty to “Conspiracy to Distribute a Schedule 1 Controlled Dangerous Substance.” According to a federal indictment from the Western District of Louisiana, Malone and Drew T. Green, also of Roswell, operated a business called NutraGenomics in Alpharetta and distributed the synthetic compound used to make “Mr. Miyagi” to businesses across the country. 

A Georgia-based business called Pinnacle Products Group manufactured “Mr Miyagi” using the synthetic compound it acquired from NutraGenomics, the indictment says.

Green also pleaded guilty to drug trafficking charges and will be sentenced in August.

An email to Dyer from the U.S. Attorney's Office invited him to Green and Malone's sentencing. In part it reads: "You have been designated to receive notifications on behalf of the following victim(s) identified by law enforcement during the investigation of the case: Dakota Blaze Dyer."

Jeannine Malone has not been charged with any crime. However, Lance Dyer intends to include her in a wrongful death suit. He says she is tied to NutraGenomics through other businesses that list her as the registered agent, on the Georgia Secretary of State website. Since Dakota’s death, Dyer has been vocal in the media about the federal drug case, and bringing awareness to the synthetic drug industry

“I would say to Ms. Malone’s face that I know what I’ve done in the past 10 months to try and help children not be exposed to these poisons,” Dyer said. “She had firsthand knowledge of what her husband was doing. She lived with it. She knows the industry. What have you done to protect children...What have you done to protect your own?”

Jeannine Malone sent an email to WSB-TV News that said she resigned her position to prevent the City of Sandy Springs from being involved in any discussions about her husband’s legal issues.

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linda January 30, 2013 at 03:22 AM
Excellent Article! Reminded me of another article I read not too long ago. You should take a look at it. http://www.psychalive.org/2010/04/teen-suicide-prevention/


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