Contractors Will Deal with Grease, Debris, Roots in Milton

Fulton County has contracted two companies to clean up obstructions in sewer lines in the city.

Crews with two companies contracted by Fulton County to deal with roots and sewer cleaning will be in Milton for the next six months.
Crews with two companies contracted by Fulton County to deal with roots and sewer cleaning will be in Milton for the next six months.

Over the next six months Fulton County contractors will be in Milton removing grease, debris and roots from existing sewer lines.

Municipal Services Inc. and Video Industrial Services Inc.'s water, vactor and hose trucks and associated trailers, loaders and mixers will be in the city. Since they are contractors hired by the county for the work, none of those vehicles will have Fulton County markings.

What they will do it to require each crew to carry identification and a copy of a letter addressed to homeowners that explains the work that is being done and all contacts at the department for information and confirmation. It also lists key personnel at their company and the department to contact in case further questions or follow-up are required.

A hose, hose nozzle or camera could become trapped in a sewer line and require excavation for removal. If that happens a crew will need to dig up a line to remove the equipment.

Additionally, some areas of the system require access to the easement be gained via private property. The city and Fulton County say all field crews will act in a professional and respectful way in dealing with any homeowner.

If there is any conflict with a homeowner, the contractor will immediately move on from that location to another targeted location and report all issues to department representatives. That department representative will follow up with all citizen complaints and/or issues that may arise as a result of this work.

Residents with questions can contact Justyna Grinholc, project manager, at 404-613-8622 and Colin Gowens at 404-612-0638. 

The following contractors were chosen by Fulton County for the work:

Root Control
Municipal Services Inc.
Mark Reynolds, President
P.O. Box 4743
Queensbury, NY 12804
(Phone) 518-747-2044
(Fax) 518-747-5490

Sewer Cleaning
Video Industrial Services Inc.
Drew Mahan, Vice President
7721 2nd Avenue North
Birmingham, AL  35206
(Phone) 205-798-0300

(fax) 205-798-6211


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