City: 1 Lane Of Westside Parkway To Remain Closed Through Next Week

Alpharetta has been told the repairs to the water line on Westside Parkway won't be done until next week. The lane closure was the result of an accident involving a vehicle hitting a fire hydrant.

Credit: Patch
Credit: Patch
The city of Alpharetta now says the one southbound lane of Westside Parkway that was closed Wednesday morning due to an accident will remain closed through next week.

The lane was closed when a vehicle struck a fire hydrant, which resulted in damage to the hydrant and an underlying water line. That leak damaged that portion of the roadway, making it unsafe for vehicle use. 

The Fulton County Water & Sewer Department has informed the city it won't be able to repair the line until "sometime next week," Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard said in a press release.

The closure affects the outside travel lane on Westside Parkway just south of its intersection with Cumming Street. Until the repairs can be completed, the city will be unable to repair the road and re-open for travel. 

"While the closure effects a span of less than 100 feet, some traffic slowdowns and congestion will result," Drinkard added. 


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