Alpharetta to Present Plan for Rucker Road Corridor

The city's staff has taken public comments to meld into a draft plan that will be revealed and discussed on April 29.

What did Alpharetta's staff make of local residents' ideas for the Rucker Road Corridor? A draft design will be brought back before the community on April 29 to see what weeks of work has developed.

In February you took the time to participate in a series of meetings held by the City of Alpharetta for citizens who live in neighborhoods along the Rucker Road Corridor," said Assistant City Administrator James Drinkard in a release today. "You will recall that those sessions were designed for you and your neighbors to share your ideas and concerns for the corridor and for us to listen and learn so that we could design the roadway in a holistic manner that better meets your needs."

Rucker Road Draft Plan
Monday, April 29, 7 p.m.
Alpharetta City Hall

Almost all of the residents seemed to agree that Rucker Road should remain a two-lane road, except for left turn lanes.

One of the biggest problems community residents outlined was motorists who break traffic laws to pass on the right, using right turn only lanes to do it.  The addition of left turn lanes was one of the solutions to that problem residents offered. Staff suggested even eliminating those right turn lanes and perhaps using the pavement to make room for the left turn lanes.

. Residents who wanted to walk to their children's schools or to the businesses in Crabapple find it dangerous when they have to walk across a bridge that lacks sidewalks.

The last public session was held on Feb. 26. The city's staff in Engineering & Public Works, and Community Development, have worked to use public comments in creating an effective plan for the road's future.

"That work is now complete and it is time for us to bring the draft design back to you for review and discussion," Drinkard said.

Public Meeting Schedule

  • Quick review of the community's ideas and concerns heard in previous meetings.
  • Draft designs presented, with explanation of how staff believes those designs address comments. If there were ideas or concerns mentioned that could not be addressed, staff will discuss why.
  • Public asked to offer feedback to find out how well the design matches your vision –and if you have ideas for refining the plan.

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