Alpharetta Residents Want ZIP Code Change

A group of residents in the Bellsmith neighborhood wants the city to lobby the USPS to change their ZIP code from a Roswell to an Alpharetta mailing address.

Credit: Patch file
Credit: Patch file
The Alpharetta City Council will discuss possibly lobbying the United States Postal Service to change the ZIP code of a neighborhood in the city limits during its meeting tonight.

The council's meeting gets underway at 7:30 p.m. at Alpharetta City Hall's Council Chambers.

Mayor David Belle Isle was approached earlier this year by a group of residents in the Bellsmith neighborhood, which sits off Upper Hembree Road. The residents are asking the city to lobby the United States Postal Service on their behalf to change the ZIP code of the neighborhood. While the neighborhood is located in the city limits, the postal service has given the area a 30076 ZIP code, designating residents with a Roswell mailing address. 

The residents believe having their ZIP codes changed to the 30009, which would signify an Alpharetta mailing address, would "create a positive impact on their property values," according to a staff briefing.

The postal service has a ZIP Code Boundary Review Process that considers and possibly accommodate city requests to modify the last lines of an acceptable address and/or ZIP code boundaries.

That process begins with a formal letter being from the city to the USPS district manager for the area. 

Staff was directed to research the possibility of lobbying the postal service for the change on behalf of all city residents in the neighborhood who have the Roswell ZIP code.

City staff members identified 369 properties located along the Upper Hembree and Harris road corridors that would be affected. The Bellsmith neighborhood represents 23% of these properties.  

The change would require all affected property owners, residents and tenants to go through the change of address process just as if they were moving (i.e. notifying banks, utilities, friends, relatives, vendors, customers, etc. of their new address).  

Along with giving those affected by the proposal a chance to voice their concerns, staff is also asking the council for direction in whether it should take further action on the issue. 

Council members will also hear an update on its City Center project and awarding a request for proposals to Frederick Swanston to redesign the city's website in an amount not to exceed $140,000.

See the attached .PDF to review what else is on tonight's agenda. 
John Thomas April 21, 2014 at 11:12 AM
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