Alpharetta Requests Small Grant for Public Safety Volunteers

The city expects the number of Public Safety volunteers to grow from the 346 now on board, so it will need supplies for training and a kit for each person who completes the program.

Alpharetta has 346 Public Safety volunteers who help with emergencies and disaster response. The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is expected to grow, so the city has applied for a small grant to fund supplies for the volunteers.

In the CERT program, Alpharetta trains volunteers in basic disaster response skills, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, and disaster medical operations. CERT volunteers who want to help with Alpharetta Fire and Emergency Services get additional training to join the Fire Corps.

Alpharetta Grants Administrator Amanda Day told City Council on Aug. 6 that the city has 23 Fire Corps volunteers, 305 CERT members, and 18 CAPS officers.

The $7,924.57 will allow the CERT program to continue by providing the education material for the 8-week CERT course, as well as supplies needed for the CERT kit supplied to each individual who completes the program, Day told City Council. It also provides funding for equipment for the Citizens Auxiliary Patrol Service (CAPS). The CAPS volunteers are used in assignments for neighborhood watch, community relations, special events, patrol and emergency disaster support.

Alpharetta wasn't notified about the grant until two weeks before its deadline. So Day submitted a grant application even before approval by the council. But she told them the application could be pulled if council members didn't want it. Instead, City Council approved the grant application unanimously.

The grant, if approved, would fund:

  • (1) CERT T-Shirts - $936
  • (2) CERT First Aid Supplies - $350
  • (3) CERT Conference and Travel - $400
  • (4) CERT Classroom Supplies - $300
  • (5) CERT Patch Sewn on CERT Backpacks - $289.80
  • (6) CERT Helmet Decal - $289.80
  • (7) Fire Corps T-Shirts - $500
  • (8) Fire Corps Conference and Travel - $400
  • (9) CAPS Conference and Travel - $400
  • (10) CAPS Work Gloves - $39.60
  • (11) CAPS Binoculars - $209.97
  • (12) CAPS Rescue Combination Tool - $1,386.60
  • (13) CAPS Uniform Shirt - $1,423
  • (14) CAPS Patrol Duty Bag - $999.80


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