Alpharetta Cuts the Ribbon on Haynes Bridge Road Work

The realignment project moved the northernmost section of the major traffic artery east around the future City Center site, adding a roundabout midway at the entrance to Publix.

The wait for the reopening of the top end of Haynes Bridge Road ended over the weekend, and drivers are beginning to use the realigned route between Old Milton Parkway and Academy Street in downtown Alpharetta.

"We're excited this is the first physical milestone that you can see that we've been working toward our downtown. We've been working on it for a long time and talking about it for a long time," said Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle.

He said the next visible action to be seen will be groundbreaking on the City Center site early in the second quarter of the new year.

On the southern end the road remains five lanes wide – one northbound and four southbound, with two left turn lanes sending traffic east on Old Milton. The intersection of Haynes Bridge with Thompson Street is now the site of a roundabout. After the Monday morning commute hours had ended, most traffic heading north used the roundabout to head into Publix.

North of the roundabout, the road curves east around what will become the Alpharetta City Center, reaching Academy Street east of the old intersection opposite Alpharetta First Baptist Church. Multiple lanes allow left turns and right turns for northbound traffic, while a single lane southbound is available.

Plenty of stacking room is available at the intersections with Old Milton Parkway and Academy Street so that having the rest of this section of Haynes Bridge Road just two lanes shouldn't cause traffic problems, Pete Sewczwicz, director of the Engineering and Public Works Department, has said. But the city really wouldn't mind if you decided to use Westside Parkway for north-south travel on the west side of GA 400, and North Point Parkway for similar travel on the east side of the highway.


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