Alpharetta Buying Downtown Property for City Center

City assembles parcels for a bigger space to accomplish redevelopment

UPDATED 7:30 p.m.: Alpharetta plans to buy two more pieces of downtown property in its bid to revive plans for a City Center project, according to its Monday night meeting plans.

(Scroll down for charts on property up for purchase, demolition and previous purchase in downtown by the city.)

Though little public discussion has been held so far, the City Council has resolutions to buy two more Brooke Street properties on its agenda for Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in council chambers at .

The council also plans to approve a contract to demolish buildings on three neighboring Brooke Street properties it already owns. Alpharetta's Engineering & Public Works Department plans to recommend awarding a $72,000 contract to CWI Construction of Acworth Monday night, according to the City Council agenda.

The city has purchased or proposes purchasing property on Brooke Street next to a larger parcel bordered by Haynes Bridge Road and Academy Street. City Council has not changed its plans to turn property bounded by Academy Street to the north, Haynes Bridge to the west, and Jones Avenue to the east and south into a mini-park.

Another piece of the puzzle is the property at 11880 Haynes Bridge Road, between the Publix and Jones Avenue. This property, which is just south of the city parking lot on Haynes Bridge Road between Jones Road and Academy Street, had been suggested as a location for the new Alpharetta library branch. Asbestos abatement and demolition are planned for a building on this property also.

While City Council has had little discussion in open session about a new City Center plan, council members have said more opportunities are available now than in the past two proposals. Adding more downtown property seems to support those statements.

Cities commonly stay silent while assembling properties so that prices do not become artificially inflated.

Properties to Purchase Address Current Owner 66 Brooke Street Brooke Street Properties LLC
70 Brooke Street Richard Edward Phillips, Jane Phillips Self and Helen Phillips Burger

Property to be Demolished

65 Brooke Street 73 Brooke Street 77 Brooke Street 11880 Haynes Bridge Road

Previously Purchased Property





(sq. ft.)

Closing Date Old Milton Square Partnership 40 Main St. C3 1.4 60,984 Dec. 8, 2010 Miller, Robert J. Jr.

50 State Hwy 9

C3 0.9 39,204 Oct. 15, 2010 Beecham, Mary C. 11855 Haynes Bridge Road C3 0.76 33,105 Nov. 12, 2010 Bagby, Judy P. & Rushin Ann P. Brooke St. R3 .47 20,473 Dec. 29, 2010 Judy P. Bagby and Ann P. Rushin 94 Brooke St. R3 .66 28,749 Dec. 29, 2010 Beecham, Mary C. 11875 Haynes Bridge Road R3 .39 16,988 Nov. 18, 2010
Kim February 18, 2011 at 10:04 PM
Alpharetta should look at other suburban cities and look at the 'main draw' that sets them apart from others. Examples: Naperville, IL (Riverwalk), Savannah, GA (park squares). To draw people/ businesses, park space is a big hit. Someplace to walk around at lunch, someplace to stroller the kids before lunch out, a location to have an art fair without closing streets, connection to bike routes to get safely from point A to B - downtown. The big old trees add character and appeal as well as cool shade and green appeal. Studies show downtown areas with lots of trees (new and old) attract more businesses and more customers. Also shows lower crime rates. Whatever the plans are, I hope they will keep these thoughts and tree protection in mind.
Ann Kosa February 18, 2011 at 10:34 PM
Brooke St. is one of the most charming streets within the town! A real old fashioned neighborhood street. And Mrs. Phillips' lovely home is just lovely. Why in heaven's name would the city choose that area to tear apart when there is that whole blighted section of Canton St. that was demolished and just sits there as an eyesore?? All I can think is that somebody's cashing in on this plan in a big, personal, way.
Bob Pepalis February 19, 2011 at 12:27 AM
Check the map with this article. More downtown properties bought by the city have been added.


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