Alpharetta Approves Spending $2.9 Million to Shift Road for City Center

Haynes Bridge Road's final stretch will shift east to create a larger development site for a new City Hall, library branch, park, town green and parking.

Alpharetta City Council approved a $2.29 million contract with C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. for the realignment of Haynes Bridge Road. The council took the vote past 1 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 20, having been in council chambers at since a reception for outgoing council members at 6:30 p.m. the day before.

This project is a key step in the , as it will allow the city to develop its downtown property as one connected site without being split by a road.

The realignment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Roadway improvements to Haynes Bridge Road between Old Milton Parkway and Academy Street;
  • Construction of a roundabout at the intersection of Haynes Bridge Road and Thompson Street;
  • Modification and installation of traffic signals and utility coordination.

The is planned to be built just north of the roundabout on Haynes Bridge, putting it in the middle of Haynes Bridge if it wasn't realigned.

Pete Sewczwicz, Alpharetta's director of Engineering/Public Works said the project is complex, "not in building the actual roadway, but actually communicating and working out the arrangements with Fulton County Library, our City Center project, the residents Pubilx, keeping Haynes Bridge Road open for a library."

Six proposals were received, Sewczwicz said.

"The phasing plan was one of the most critical components of our RFP," he said. "This told us how well the contractors understood everything."

Underground utilities have to be installed, plus the contractor will have to work with the library system and city residents to do the project.

C.W. Matthews most recently worked with the city on the Douglas Road roundabout project, and worked on the Kimball Bridge corridor. This experience helped the firm win the contract.

"Are they going to be able to keep Haynes Bridge open for the duration of the project?" asked City Councilman Mike Kennedy.

Sewczwicz said the contractor can, but when the library starts its construction, its 3 acres is in the middle of Haynes Bridge Road. The library's contractor has to have access to that site. He said construction of the roundabout also is likely to cause this last stretch of Haynes Bridge Road to be closed.

"But you will communicate with everyone as far as the closures," said Mayor Arthur Letchas.

Sewczwicz said the city would have message boards up for at least one week in advance of closure.



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