Time Card Fraud Probe Reveals Shoplifting at Milton Store

The following arrest information was supplied by the Milton police department. It does not indicate a conviction.

A store manager looking for evidence of time card fraud by an employee found the problem was much worse than expected. The employee, who was supposed to prevent shoplifting, instead allegedly was seen shoplifting from the store, and two other employees were spotted in the same security vide review also taking items without paying for them.

Milton police responded to the store manager's call on July 9 about the three employees being detained for shoplifting.

The loss prevention officer was allegedly spotted shoplifting a laptop, an iPad, two cellphones, video games and other products worth approximately $3,500.

Another employee was spotted on video taking a laptop and two webcams worth just under $1,000. A third employee took in an even bigger haul, allegedly shoplifting items that included an iPad, a laptop, a flat panel TV, two cellphones, a PlayStation Portable game, all worth more than $5,300.

Milton police reported that two of the suspects provided signed, written statements about their involvement in shoplifting. The loss prevention officer allegedly was paid off by the other suspect to avoid getting in trouble. He would give the second suspect stolen items to be sold for cash.

All three suspects were charged with felony shoplifting on July 10, and were released from Fulton County Jail on July 11 on $5,000 bond:

  • Derrick L. Gibson, 39, of Alpharetta
  • Neil Chopra, 31, of Roswell
  • Randell Eugene Manns, 48, of Johns Creek

AC Units Stolen from Milton Home in Foreclosure

Two air conditioning units worth $2,000 each were stolen from a Providence Plantation Drive home that is in foreclosure.

A real estate agent reported to Milton police on July 9 that the units were stolen from the 170 Providence Plantation Drive home. The last time was at the house and had seen them was on June 27.

He said the home was in foreclosure and had been vacant for two months.

Helpful Sandy Springs Woman's Car Stolen in Milton

A Sandy Springs woman who was just trying to help a newcomer from New York was too giving and now her car has been stolen.

The woman told Milton police that she let the woman borrow her car on July 5 to visit a friend in Alpharetta. Several hours later the woman called her in hysterics, saying the car had been stolen.

The Sandy Springs car owner tired to get the woman to go with her to the Milton police department to report the theft. The woman refused, claiming there were warrants out for her arrest. Since then, the victim hasn't been able to reach the woman who borrowed her car.

On July 9, she reported her car as stolen to Milton police. No warrants were found for the woman who borrowed the car.

For questions about this blotter, email Bob Pepalis.


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