Suspect Charged Two Months After Homeless Man Threatened

The following arrest information was supplied by the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. It does not indicate a conviction.


An Atlanta man was arrested on Sept. 14, two months after he allegedly threatened to have someone slit a homeless man's throat.

Two homeless men who lived in the woods off Westside Way complained to police on July 14 that a man who allegedly robbed one of the men threatened one of them enough that they ran for their lives.

One of the men said the suspect showed up in the homeless camp after being incarcerated for armed robbery, and then threatened to have someone slit his throat. Both men ran away.

When the threatened man tried to return to the homeless camp to get his belongings, he said the suspect and some other unknown people met him and started following him when he again left. He called 911, and the suspect fled the scene when a Roswell police officer arrived.

Roswell called Alpharetta police because the incident occurred in Alpharetta.

James E. Harris, 50, of Atlanta, was arrested on Sept. 11 after being in custody in Gwinnett County. He was charged with terroristic threats, a felony, and released the next day.

Alpharetta Man charged with Forgery, Identity Fraud

A 33-year-old Alpharetta man was arrested on forgery and identity fraud charges two and a half weeks after a North Carolina man's car went missing from an Alpharetta hotel's parking lot.

The victim thought he dropped his keys after getting out of his car. But he lost more than his car keys. Inside the car were two negotiable instruments worth $2,390 and $1,500 in fishing equipment.

Matthew Firkel, 33, of Alpharetta, was arrested and charged with five counts of forgery, identity fraud and entering auto. He remains in Fulton County Jail.

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