Fulton School Bus Wreck Keeps Kids 'Captive' in Crooked Creek

Fulton County Schools policy kept the children on the bus or at least on the scene until a Milton police officer arrived long after the wreck.


Students were stuck on a Fulton County school bus long after a minor accident involving a moving van in a Milton subdivision on Wednesday afternoon.

No one was reported as being hurt, but a parent said it took 45 minutes for a Milton police officer to arrive on the scene. That was an issue because students could not be allowed to leave the scene until law enforcement arrived.

Fortunately for the students stuck on the hot bus, an assistant principal from Cambridge High School arrived on scene just shortly before the officer. That allowed the school bus driver to let the students off the bus.

Parents had to wait for the officer to arrive before they could take their children home.

Alpharetta 911, which dispatches Milton police and fire units, has been contacted and is checking into why it took so long for an officer to arrive on scene, and if the officer had been told a school bus with children was involved.

Milton police are being contacted about the accident, and the Fulton County School System is being asked about its policies that cover this type of incident. Check back with Alpharetta-Milton Patch for updates to this story.


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