Motorcyclist Tops 100 mph on Westside Parkway

The following information was supplied by the Alpharetta Public Safety department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

How fast is too fast? Definitely 102 mph in a 40 mph zone.

A motorcyclist driving on Westside Parkway north past Encore Parkway on May 5 was one of a few drivers charged recently not just with speeding, but with reckless driving.

An Alpharetta patrol officer had activated his radar unit while driving south on Westside Parkway. He spotted a black motorcycle traveling north that activated his radar, showing the speed as 102 mph, which was 62 mph faster than the speed limit.

When the officer saw the suspect check his rear view mirror, he decided to wait until the motorcycle was out of his view to turn around and follow. He caught up with the suspect at Westside and Haynes Bridge Road, pulling him over after he crossed the intersection.

The 26-year-old Gulf Shores, AL, man said he didn't think he was going that fast, and said he was testing a sound his motorcycle makes when driving faster than 50 mph. But a witness had a different story to tell. She stopped behind the officer's car to tell him that when the motorcycle passed her car at that speed she was scared.

The suspect was arrested and cited for reckless driving and speeding.

Speeding Makes Driver Even Later to Work

Another motorist driving on Mansell Road on May 1 was clocked at 85 mph in the 40 mph zone.

The Alpharetta officer who stopped the 31-year-old Kennesaw man driving the BMW cited him for reckless driving and speeding. The man said he was speeding because he was late for work. Being arrested and taken to jail must have made him even later.

School ID Not Enough to Drive

Motorists on GA 400 tend to drive faster than the 65 mph speed limit in its Alpharetta stretch, but going almost 30 mph is too much.

The 21-year-old Roswell man stopped on GA 400 in the northbound lanes near Haynes Bridge Road by an Alpharetta police officer on May 2 only had a school identification card. He was cited for no driver's license and speeding.

School Zone Speeder Stopped by Police

An Alpharetta officer parked on Cumming Street on the morning of April 30 saw a vehicle traveling westbound much faster than the posted school zone speed limit of 25 mph. at .

When his laser unit was activated, it recorded the vehicle's speed as 42 mph. He pulled the driver over and asked for her driver's license, but the 42-year-old Cumming woman said she didn't have one. That resulted in her being arrested and cited for speeding and driving without a license.

For questions about this blotter, email Bob Pepalis.


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