Milton: Fire Hydrant Maintenance Could Discolor Water

The occurrence of sediments in the water is a natural result of fire hydrant maintenance.

Credit: Patch file photo
Credit: Patch file photo

Milton wants its residents to be prepared for temporary discoloration of water due to its ongoing fire hydrant maintenance.

Milton Fire Chief Robert Edgar said the procedure involve firefighters flowing the water from the hydrants until it runs clean. 

"Depending on hydrant placement in the water main system, this may inadvertently cause sediment to be loosened in the lines," the city said in an news release.

The fire chief added crews will try to push the water out in an effort so no households will be affected. 

Unfortunately, for homes in cul-de-sac, the situation is unavoidable and could produce a temporary discoloration of water from faucets, showers, washing machine or dishwashers, Edgar added.

If this happens, residents should call the city at 678-242-2570, and Edgar said the city will "be happy to come out and flush the line."

The department's fire hydrant maintenance initiative will last until mid-April. 

The agency wants to stress to residents that the appearance of sediment is not due to an issue with the Fulton County Water & Sewer Division, but is a natural occurrence in the lines.


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