Man Pushes Car Over Embankment, Causing Search for Victims

The following arrest information was supplied by the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety. It does not indicate a conviction


A Sandy Springs man who accidentally pushed his car down an embankment on Kimball Bridge Road after it ran out of gas had Alpharetta police searching for victims of what was reported as an accident with injuries.

Officers and firefighters searched the immediate area and wooded area nearby for any occupants of the car, which had overturned. They used a digital device that registers heat and physically searched several hundred feet in all directions for any victims.

The license plate was checked, and it came back on a Johns Creek address. But when officers went to that home to search for the driver or any family members, they learned no one lived there and it was under foreclosure.

Next they tried searching for the individual and not motorist's information. They discovered the vehicle owner had been arrested on a drug possession charge recently, and tracked down a Sandy Springs address he used. With the help of Sandy Springs police and a leasing agent, they found the man at a Sandy Springs apartment.

The motorist told police his car had run out of gas, so he was trying to push it off the roadway when it got away from him, nearly running him over. After it ran down the hill and over an embankment, he got a friend to pick him up.

He was arrested and charged with failure to stop at an accident scene and leaving the scene of an accident.

Motorcyclist Who Joined Race Loses Big With Arrest

An Alpharetta police officer who just pulled onto GA 400 at Old Milton Parkway at 8:45 p.m. on Sunday spotted two cars and a motorcycle driving more than 100 mph by his estimation northbound on the highway.

The officer saw the motorcycle, Audi and Camaro passenger cars drive past him. As he accelerated, he spotted the motorcycle driving over the Windward Parkway overpass on GA 400. He stopped the motorcycle, but was unable to stop the other vehicles or get their tag numbers.

According to the incident report, the motorcycle drive said he was sorry and was being "stupid" by joining the two cars in their race.

The 24-year-old Canton man was arrested and charged with reckless driving and racing.

For information about this blotter, email Bob Pepalis.



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