Man drives onto golf course, shoplifters caught at Target and Kohls

The following arrest information was supplied by the Milton Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Milton Police caught two people accused of shoplifting last week.

James Smith of Suwanee was charged with felony theft by shoplifting. On June 11, store security guards at Target saw Smith open 22 Nintendo DS video games, put them in his pocket and try to leave the store. He was arrested, and the merchandise – totaling nearly $435 – was recovered.

In a separate incident at Kohls on June 14, police apprehended Tracy Wilson of Cleveland and charged her with felony theft by shoplifting. Police arrived at the store to find that two women were being held by store security. A store employee said both women had taken clothes, shoes and jewelry into the fitting room. Wilson told police she then placed the items in a Kohls shopping bag and left the store.  She said the other woman was not aware of the shoplifting.

Man drives onto golf course, arrested on drug charges

An Alpharetta man faces several charges after driving his Cadillac onto the golf course at the Alpharetta Athletic Club on June 15.

Police arrived just after 7:30 a.m. and employees told them they saw a man drive onto the cart path from the 18th hole and hit a golf cart before parking his car. They spoke with the driver and later told police he appeared to be highly intoxicated and the car had a flat tire. They provided police with a description of the man and his tag number.

Police went to the man’s home, and found cocaine in his car and inside his house. They arrested him, along with another man, and cited him for hit and run, reckless driving, DUI/drugs and possession of cocaine.

Woman bitten by dog

A woman who tried to buy merchandise advertised on Craigslist was bitten by a dog when she arrived at the seller’s house.

As she and her husband walked up the driveway on June 17, a golden retriever came running toward her from a neighbor’s house. She picked up her child to protect her, and the dog jumped on the woman. When she tried to push the dog away, it bit her on the arm. She yelled at a man standing in the driveway to get his dog off of her. The man called the dog, named Abby, and it returned home.

When Milton Police arrived, they noticed that her wrist was red and appeared to have faint bite marks.

When police confronted the dog’s owner, he said he didn’t think the dog bit the woman. He also said he had an electric fence, but the battery in the dog’s collar had just died. He was given a citation for violating Milton’s city ordinance, Animal-at-Large.




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