Georgia State Patrol, Alpharetta Police Seize $2.8 Million in Drugs, Cash

A traffic stop on Jan. 26 netted an unlicensed illegal alien and bags of drugs and cash.

Georgia State Patrol troopers and Alpharetta police officers seized $2.8 million worth of narcotics and cash from an unlicenses illegal alien inside Alpharetta city limits on Jan. 26.

Troopers stopped a brown Honda Accord and identified the driver as Ignacio Abarca Pineda, who showed them a Mexican driver’s license as identification. The troopers reported that the driver appeared very nervous. The on scene investigation determined Pineda was an unlicensed illegal alien and could not provide any information regarding the ownership of the vehicle. He was placed under arrest for driving while unlicensed.

Alpharetta police arrived on scene and assisted with the incident and interview of Pineda.

While searching the vehicle after the arrest, police found a large duffel bag containing kilos of illegal narcotics. The trunk contained very large trash bags containing numerous kilos of narcotics and a lot of U.S. currency.

The narcotics was tested on scene and resulted in a positive finding of cocaine and methamphetamine.

When the evidence personnel processed the seized narcotics into evidence, they determined there was 87 kilos of cocaine, 1 kilo of methamphetamine and 4 large bags of United States currency in excess of $130,000 dollars. The total value of the seized narcotics and currency is estimated at 2.8 million dollars.

Pineda, 27, was charged with trafficking cocaine, trafficking methamphetamine, immigration violation, driving while unlicensed and for brake light and turn signal violations. He remained in Fulton County Jail as of Feb. 8.

Gary D. George, Director of the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety congratulated the Georgia State Patrol, the Alpharetta officers involved and his department's property evidence personnel for their exceptional work.

"This traffic stop resulted in the removal of a significant amount of drugs and reminds us our state is a major hub for the illegal narcotics trade. I appreciate and commend the Georgia State Patrol for their efforts and all of Georgia’s law enforcement officers who work hard every day protecting our valued citizens,” George said.


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