Firehouse Subs Thief Had Key, Alarm Codes and Safe Combination

The following information was supplied by the Milton police department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.

Someone who apparently had a key to Firehouse Subs in Milton – and both the alarm key code and safe combination – robbed the store of the $1,407 that was left in the safe overnight on March 24.

The store owner called Milton police the morning of March 25 to report the theft. A review of the security footage showed a person dressed all in black, with white gloves and holding a black umbrella over his or her head. The suspect unlocked the front door, disarmed the alarm and opened the safe to take out the cash. After locking the front door, the suspect left by the back door of the restaurant.

The store owner said a limited number of people have keys, the alarm code and safe combination.

Milton Woman Learns California Bank Account Opened with Her Identity

A Milton woman reported someone opened up a bank account using her identity in Sacremento, CA, and she's had repeated inquiries by PayPal asking her to verify new information on accounts she's never tried to open.

The victim said on March 25 that she had contacted her bank and Equifax, a credit reporting bureau, to report the identity fraud. She needed a police report to file with Equifax to get the company to put a fraud block on her accounts.

 Unwanted Prepaid Visa Card Clue to Stolen Identity

Another Milton resident received a prepaid Visa card in the mail that she never ordered.

She reported it to Milton police on March 27 after calling MyVanilla Prepaid Visa to ask about the card and to get it cancelled. She learned the card had been bought at an undisclosed CVS store before being used at a Kroger store in Alpharetta and on the peoplesearch.com website.

Someone had used her name and an old address to open the account, and the card was forwarded to her new address.

She cancelled the card and reported it to the FTC and the three major credit reporting bureaus.

 Counterfeit $20 Bills Passed at Fast Food Restaurants

Make sure you check those $20 before accepting them for payment. Milton police have reported a couple of incidents where counterfeit bills have been used.

On March 27 at 10:07 p.m., a man and woman used a counterfeit bill to pay for the first of two meals ordered in the drive through. The manager told the man the bill was counterfeit, according to the incident report. That prompted the driver to say he'd go back to the gas station where he got it and get some real money. The suspect drove off onto Windward Parkway. The suspects never received or attempted to pay for the second meal they ordered.

The investigating officer stopped by the McDonald's also near Walmart to see if the suspects had been there. The manager said a car matching that description, with suspects who matched the man and woman in the car also. A check of the drive through cash register revealed two counterfeit $20 bills. The suspects had ordered two separate meals, and paid with separate $20 bills – getting more than $18 in change of real currency as change.

For questions about this blotter, email Bob Pepalis.


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