Drive Sober or Go to Jail

Alpharetta – just like every other city – has a zero tolerance for drinking and driving, and officers will be out in force on New Year's Eve to stop drunk drivers.

New Year's Eve seems to be an even bigger party night than St. Patrick's Day for those who like to imbibe. But it's not only against the law to drink and drive, it's also expensive and not too smart, either.

"We are aware during this holiday period there are those individuals who will drink and drive. Those who choose to do so pose an immediate danger to the innocent motorists who use our roadways," said George Gordon, spokesman for the Alpharetta Department of Public Safety.

To protect Alpharetta residents during the New Year's Eve time period, he said the department will utilize:

  • Sobriety checkpoints;
  • Saturation patrols of designated areas
  • Scheduling of the DUI Task Force police officers to ensure the maximum safety of the city's motorists.

"The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety has zero tolerance for drunk driving offenders," Gordon said.

Milton's Police Department has the same disdain for drunk drivers, and the two cities cooperate with patrols, especially along Windward Parkway, one of the boundaries between the two cities.

"If you know you are impaired, please us a designated driver. Taxi companies offer free rides, or call a friend to pick you up. Don't risk your life and the life of others by driving," he said.

The Georgia Office of Highway Safety introduced a mobile app to help drivers avoid drinking and driving. It still exists, though it really hasn't been improved any since the last Super Bowl. But it is easier than looking up numbers online. Most businesses that serve alcohol have the numbers of at least a few taxi services as well.

Find the Georgia Sober Ride App for the iPhone and Android online at:

iPhone Application (through iTunes Store)

Android Market (for non-Apple products)

Visit the Drive Sober, Georgia page to view a simulation of the application.

"The Alpharetta Department of Public Safety reminds those who drink not to drive. And we wish everybody a safe and enjoyable New Yar's holiday," Gordon said said.


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