Bomb Threat Morphs into Offer to Buy Verizon Wireless

The following information was supplied by the Milton police department. Where arrests or charges are mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction.


A caller from somewhere in New York started by making a bomb threat to a local Verizon Wireless building if he wasn't given all of the company's money. But on later calls he changed his request to free minutes, and then to buy the company.

During the first call at 6:09 a.m. on Sept. 2, the caller told the call taker, says: "I need you to transfer all the money in your company to my phone. If you don't, I will detonate an EMT in your building."

After getting the caller to repeat his request, the wireless company employee asked for the caller's phone number. The caller responded by cursing at her and hanging up.

The person called a second time at 6:51 a.m. and said he was going to blow up a building if he wasn't given free minutes. The caller changed his tune on the third and final call at 7:04 a.m., saying he wanted to buy the company for $21 million. Since the call taker sounded like a nice lady, he promised to raise her salary to $200,000.

Investigators determined with the help of New York police that the caller must have used a cloned cell phone or an online voice service letting him use someone else's number to make calls.

The threats were not deemed credible, and the company didn't evacuate the building.


Fraudulent Checks Written on Milton Company's Account

A Morris Road company reported someone tried to cash three checks on a bank account the company has not been using.

An employee told Milton police on Sept. 6 that he noticed the unusual transactions on Aug. 30. Someone had attempted to cash three checks for $1,988.87 at a credit union. When he obtained copies of the checks, he discovered that they were numbered 9803, 9804 and 9805. The company's checking account is in the 3000 range, and the name for the CEO was not correct.

The Milton investigator advised him to check all of the other company accounts for fraudulent activity.


Apartment Dweller Suspects Estranged Boyfriend

A Deer Trail apartment resident reported to Milton police that someone burglarized her home on Sept. 7 between 6 p.m. and 11:10 p.m., taking electronics and a small amount of cash.

The victim said her mother came to walk her dog at 6 p.m. while she was at work and nothing was amiss. Several hours later her mother returned to again walk the dog and found the apartment was in disarray.

The victim reported she was missing more than $2,400 in electronics and cash, including an LCD-TV, a blu ray player, an XBox gaming console, many DVDs, about $55 in cash and a ceramic piggy bank.

She suspects her estranged boyfriend, with whom she broke up a week earlier, but who still keeps coming to her apartment.

Police advised her to consider moving to an upper level apartment and to get her landlord to change her locks.

For information about this blotter, email Bob Pepalis.




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