Enough Snow to Spread Around

I have a different take on the madness that is #snowjam2014 and who dropped the ball.

It's easy to blame Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, but they're not the only ones who should be held accountable for a lot of the problems. Kasim Reed is the mayor of ATLANTA, not Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Duluth, Marietta, Decatur, Smyrna, Riverdale, Kennesaw, Jonesboro etc. Those cities/towns have their own city/township government. Now, unless I’m mistaking, all the cars that were stranded weren't in the City of Atlanta. It’s easy to blame him because Atlanta is the largest metropolitan area here, but he can only control what goes on in Atlanta. If all these cities had worked together, I think a lot (if not most) of the incidents that happened could have been avoided.

Also, I've been seeing in the weather reports since last Thursday that it was going to snow Tuesday. It's been talked about on the weather all weekend. We all need to take a little responsibility in this. I'm not saying that we’re fully to blame, but bread and milk have been flying off the shelves for days. (I still don't understand that). Employers, school board, and TPTB (The powers that be) should have made determinations earlier about what needed to be done. Close the schools, allow workers to telecommute if possible to minimize who is on the roads.

We knew this was coming (and I'm going to get some flak for this), if you know the history of this area with snow, we knew what was next - for the most part. Choose to take a day off, keep your kids out of school (yeah sometimes easier said than done), but we need to take some responsibility. A lot of us complain when government wants to get involved in the intricacies of our lives, and then complain when they don't get involved enough.

Yes, hold the officials accountable, but not just Mayor Reed and Gov. Deal. Alpharettans, Mariettans, Decaturites, Fayettevillians, ask your city officials why they didn't plan for this...last time I checked, McGinnis Ferry Rd., Windward Parkway and Canton Highway aren't IN Atlanta. And yes...Gov. Deal is responsible for the state, so that falls more on him...but he needs cooperation from city and county agencies too.

Cynthia Coleman, Johns Creek
Interested Bystander January 31, 2014 at 07:44 AM
Yes, we all knew this was coming. Shame on us. If you don't know how to drive in this, go home before it starts, or as soon as it starts. Can't blame the government for the decisions that we each individually make.
Evelyn Thompson February 02, 2014 at 12:24 PM
Cynthia,Thank you for your common knowledge . Why do so many of the writers sound so illiterate. Why can't the general public take full responsibility of their own.So many writers get so Liberal in their columns.They sound like a bunch of blabbing Magpies in making everything so political.Why don't they get a Life.!!! Enjoyed reading your column today .Again,Thanks so much.
Cynthia Coleman June 25, 2014 at 08:36 AM
Thank you both for your kind words! I apologize that I'm just seeing your comments. I guess I never thought anyone would read it but wanted to write it anyway!


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