North Georgia Bald Eagles Nesting Live Online

The eagles have landed at Berry College in Rome, Georgia.

One of two American bald eagles nesting in a tall pine tree at Berry College in Rome, Ga. Screenshot Credit: Scott Bernarde
One of two American bald eagles nesting in a tall pine tree at Berry College in Rome, Ga. Screenshot Credit: Scott Bernarde

Georgia’s best-known American bald eagles can now be seen in their nest around the clock on live streaming video from two websites.

In a partnership with Berry College, the DNR Wildlife Resources Division is streaming video of the two iconic eagles.

“It allows people an up-close look at nest maintenance and parental behavior – activities normally seen only from afar, if at all,” said Jim Ozier of DNR Nongame Conservation Section.

Berry College, located in northwest Georgia, has been home to the eagles since March 2012 when the pair began making their nest in a tall pine tree located near the school's athletic and recreation department. 

During the season last year, there were documented sightings on campus of the original pair, their two eaglets and at least four juvenile eagles, according to the college website. But so far this year no eggs have been laid.

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Bird watchers, fans of the eagles, and curious viewers can see the couple's activities from the "nest cam," a small camera the school installed that peers into the nest. There is also a view of the tree and a different angle of the nest on the approach cam.

The nest is huge says Jeanne Mathews, assistant vice president of Public Relations and Marketing at Berry.

"It's probably at least five feet across and they've added to it this year. They've refurbished it or as we call it - they've redecorated," she chuckled.

Mathews added that the eagles did great during the bone-chilling weather earlier this week.

"One of the state's that has the most eagles is Alaska. So that tells you right there they can tolerate extreme temperatures," she said.

Learn more about bald eagles, report an eagle nest, and find out how you can help conserve bald eagles and other nongame wildlife in Georgia. 

To see more video clips, photos and comments about the Berry Eagles, visit their Facebook page.  


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