On the Bulletin Board: Your Upcoming Events in Photos

Taken straight from the coffee shops, restaurants and grocery stores where you left them, here are your brochures and fliers that showcase your events.

You've taken the time to create a nice flier to let your neighbors know what your organization is doing in and for the community. We take a quick glance and then walk away, thinking we should put those in our calendar so we remember them. But our hands are full, or the kids are anxious to get to their next soccer game, school activity, or just home. And the opportunity is lost.

Starting today, Alpharetta-Milton Patch will give you another showcase for these events. This article will use photos of these fliers to give you and your neighbors another place to find this information. A few photos are posted so far, and I'll add to them throughout the week.

I'll bet you are thinking that anybody can just take a photo of these fliers. And you are correct – I'm counting on that. I'm hoping that you will use your smartphone, just like I did with my iPhone, to take photos of the fliers you see out and about. Then you can add them to this same article.

Just below the photos on the right side of the article is a "button" that says "Upload Photos and Videos." Once you have the photo on your computer or iPad, you should be able to add it to this article. Add a comment at the bottom of the article to call attention to that event, so your neighbors see it, too.

Now let's set a few ground rules:

  • Only photos posted out and about at the businesses, stores, restaurants, coffee shops and schools should be added.
  • You can add a photo of your own flier, but take a photo of it at one of the places you post it.
  • No advertisements or sales fliers.
  • Add as many photos of different fliers as you'd like. (If you see five fliers on one bulletin board, add them all!)
  • You can make it easier for other users of Patch by putting a short caption with the photo, identifying the event. But don't bother with the details – that's why your are adding the photo.

I'll screen the photos to make sure we don't have duplicates or other problems. And you can always post Calendar of Events listings on Patch. (Put an event on the calendar.)


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