Southern Keystone Services Move Offices to Alpharetta

The firm celebrates its 10th anniversary with the move.

Southern Keystone Services (SKS) has moved its office to 2300 Lakeview Parkway, Suite 700, Alpharetta, reports John Schultz,  vice president of operations.   

SKS, known for providing a lifetime of solutions,  specializes in seven key business/financial areas.

"We work interactively with both female and male clients to put together retirement and total business plans designed to match their personal and specific goals,” Schultz said. 

The Southern Keystone Services business scope includes:

  • retirement planning services;
  • financial wealth management;
  • retirement income planning;
  • health care planning;
  • estate planning;
  • life & health insurance &
  • college funding plans and scholarships.

The co.'s Web site is SouthernKeystone.RetireRX.com, on which SKS's nationally recognized consultant, Dr. Shelby Smith, provides free retirement webinars.  Telephone is (770) 783-5231.


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