Readers' Choice: La Casa Italian Grill Adds Best Mother's Day Brunch

The readers have spoken, and you have a chance to help your favorite in the next survey get picked.

The readers who had a favorite on this week's survey picked as the place to go for the Best Mother's Day Brunch.

Loyal patrons of the restaurant in downtown Alpharetta made it the Readers' Choice this week. While the list may have seemed long, some favorites might have been missed, so don't forget to offer your nominations and suggestions in future surveys.

, and were the next most popular in the survey.

And the Readers' Choice surveys continue. On Monday, May 7, at 5 a.m., look for a survey of Best Staycation. With gas costs jumping up and down, knowing a good place for a staycation could mean the difference between family fun and family anguish. And you can get make sure your favorite has a great chance to win by nominating it. Just send an email to Bob Pepalis, or add the name in the comments below. But you've got to submit them by 5 p.m. Saturday.


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