One Last Food Journey

As I prepare to leave the area I take the opportunity to eat at all the great local restaurants that I know I'll miss.

I’ve enjoyed being a resident of Alpharetta for five years now but that is all coming to an end as I pack up to travel the world. While I’ll still own a home in the area my next couple of months will be spent enjoying the sights and sounds of Recife, Brazil before continuing to another unknown land.

I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my last week here than to enjoy all of my favorite restaurants. While I’m sure to discover wonderful new cuisine in South America there are certainly things going to miss in the Alpharetta/Milton area.

Here is a review of the places I just had to visit one last time before heading out of town:

Brooklyn Bagel Bakery - One of the best breakfast joints around and I’ve been lucky enough to live right down the street from it. My favorite is The Park Avenue sandwich which has turkey, provolone cheese, tomato and a special sauce all toasted on a bagel.  A cup of  hazelnut coffee is the perfect side kick.

- This has been the best place to meet my girlfriends for lunch over the years. I’m partial to the lobster bisque, but according to owner Cindy Hoynowski so is everyone else. The quaint atmosphere includes fresh flowers on each table and walls adorned with the works of local artists. I have many favorites here such as the Salmon Salad and Berkeley Wrap. Whatever I choose, a cup of libster bisque is a must.

The Flying Biscuit - I have never had a bad meal here. It’s the perfect collection of grown-up Southern food. One of my favorites is the fried green tomatoes topped with cashew-jalapeno relish and goat cheese. In addition, I enjoyed the Turkey Meatloaf and Pudge during my last visit.

- With the parking lot always full you may need to find a spot further down the road and walk but it’s worth it once you’re sitting on the patio with a margarita in your hand. I like to keep it simple with chipotle chicken tacos topped with cilantro and mexicana salsa. Also, the Queso “gringo”  is a perfect dip for your tortilla chips.

- As the go-to spot for getting together with friends I associate this place with great people and plenty of laughs. Hang out in the bar area on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for live music or head to the patio for some fresh air. From salad and pasta to burgers and pizza this place has a lot to chose from. On my last night out with friends I decided to go with the spinach dip and grilled chicken salad with miso dressing.

The Varsity - In all the years I’ve lived in the Atlanta area I have never been here which, according to some, is unacceptable so I decided to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss was about. Since I didn’t have time to hike to Midtown for the full experience I met some friends at the Alpharetta location. My BLT and onion rings were tasty and the frosted orange was the perfect hot-weather treat. I would definitely go back if I’m ever in the mood for a indulgent snack.

The food will definitely be missed but none of it would have been as delicious without the wonderful friends I’ve had the fortune to share it with over the years. I look forward to one more dinner here before heading to the airport and while I don’t yet know where that will be I do know that it’ll come with a tall glass of iced tea and plenty of laughs over the table.

Please feel free to follow my travel blog as I share stories and photos of what adventures lie ahead.

If you were leaving the area and heading to another country where would your last meal be and why?

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