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Alpharetta Restaurants Say Happy Birthday With Free Food.

There are many restaurants in Alpharetta that will give customers free meals on their birthday if they plan ahead.

Restaurants all over Alpharetta will happily wish you birthday greetings if you celebrate your big day with them. Here is a list of where to go to get the free meals on your birthday. Be sure to read through the list, many places require that you sign up on their Web site before the actual day you wish to dine with them for free. Think ahead and you can be eating breakfast, lunch  and dinner without a bill. 

  • gives customers a free meal on their birthday when they sign up for its e-mail club prior to the big day.
  • offers a free $30 certificate to be used during the month of your birthday if you sign up on its Web site prior to the month of your birthday.
  • will send kids a free kid's meal coupon in the mail if kids  sign up for its birthday club at the restaurant.
  • will give you a free dessert with purchase of at least $5 if you sign up for its e-mail club prior to your birthday.
  • requires that you just show an I.D. with your birthdate on your birthday and you'll get a free medium celebratory sub.
  •  offers a free steak burger with cheese and fries for those who sign up for the birthday club online.
  • asks customers to sign up on its Z-Mail club to get a coupon for a free meal. Kids can sign up for its Kid's Club and get a free meal and a cookie on their birthday.
  • will give a free sandwich to birthday guests who are part of its e-mail program.
  • asks their customers to sign up for its e-club to get a free bagel on their birthday.
  • gives their customers who are a part of its e-mail program a free waffle on their birthday.
  • will give you a free birthday dessert coupon via e-mail and a free appetizer coupon just for signing up for the club.
  • restaurant will give you a free burger of your choice on your birthday if you sign up for its birthday club.
  • l will offer a free slice of chocolate cake to the birthday guest when they sign up for the birthday club.
  • gives free cake or cheesecake coupons in e-mails  to guests to use on their birthday when they are members of the birthday club.
  • gives away free desserts to its birthday guests who register in their email club.
  • will send an email with a coupon for a free icecream to say happy birthday to their guests who register in its online club.
  • sends the members of its e-mail fan club a free Blizzard coupon to celebrate their birthday.

Be sure that sometime during your big day you head on over to Starbucks. If you have a gift card to their store, register it online and receive a free coffee on your birthday. If you stop there often, it might be worth simply buying a card for yourself just to get the free coffee.

Trey Burley February 15, 2011 at 01:39 AM
That rocks, thanks for the free tips.


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