What to Do With State Route 20: What Do You Think?

Decision on the road moving slowly.

What should be done with Route 20?
What should be done with Route 20?
The Georgia Department of Transportation's study of plans to widen State Route 20 from Cumming to Canton or build a new highway to the north or south of the existing road has people talking.
The Highway 20 Coalition, a group of homeowners and businesses opposing the construction of a new road want improvements of the existing highway, WSB Radio reports.
The station's Facebook page has lit up with comments over the issue, with most appearing to favor doing something sooner rather than later. A decision is expected by 2018.

The Georgia Department of Transportation says on its website echoes what commuters already know: "...residents and commuters, experience congestion, limited mobility, and safety issues along this heavily traveled corridor," the site states. "The upcoming process is an opportunity to define the existing issues and to develop context sensitive solutions that address the needs of the traveling public, while seeking to preserve the character of the community and quality of life of its residents."                                                         

All of which leads us to ask: What do you think should be done? Tell us in comments below.


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