Take A Break from the Heat in Alpharetta, Milton With A Free Movie

Here are some great ways to rent movies for little or no cost to you.

With temperatures in the 90s, the kids simply can not play outside all day lone every day. Even with the pools, sprinklers and other water play fun, the kids are getting hot and sun burned. When it is time for a break, head on over and get in on some of these great video rental deals. 

has lowered the cost of their new release rentals to $2.99. Once you rent one movie at this price, you are able to rent one movie at a time that is priced $1.99 or less for free as often as you want until July 4. Movie lovers can come in every day and swap out one free movie for another and enjoy free movies for the next month this way at Blockbuster. Be sure to bring this coupon in with you when you rent the $2.99 new release title to get this discount until July. 

At Redbox, when you rent two movies at the same time and enter your email address at the kiosk, you will receive an email within a few days offering you a free dvd rental. This offer is valid until June 12. Movies are typically $1 per day at Redbox locations. If you use one of these codes, you can get a free rental as well. Bring the list with you since the codes are often changed and pulled with no notice. These kiosks are locates at ,, and across Alpharetta and Milton. 

DVDATWAG is good at Walgreens locations only and will get you a free one night rental.

DVDONME is good at all Redbox locations and is good for a 1 night free rental. 

DVDKROG is valid at kroger only and is good for a 1 night free rental. 

BREAKROOM is valid at all locations and good for a free 1 night rental. 

If you are near a  or , you can get movies at the Blockbuster Express kiosks. These are also $1 regularly priced but there are codes for free movie rentals at these locations as well. Sign up for text messages from them and you will get a text every Monday with a free rental code. Today's free code is MONDAYLOVE .

GOPUBLIX is valid at Publix and expires on June 30.

GORITEAID is valid at Rite Aid and expires on June 30.

BBXPUB is valid at Publix only and the expiration date is unknown.


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