Snow Storm of 2011 Possibly Worst Storm In Georgia History

Local residents say the ice storm of 1973 may have caused more power outages, but the recent storm dumped more snow that lasted longer.

Local residents who have lived in Alpharetta-Milton for more than 30 years have said the winter storm that hit late Jan. 9 to be the worst storm that has ever hit the area. 

Alpharetta City Clerk Sue Rainwater looks back on snow days of the past and explains that there were very few, unlike this week.

 “This storm has been the worst as far as streets were concerned.” Rainwater said. “However, I can remember one ice/snow storm, probably in the late '70s, when everything was shut down for several days and people’s water lines froze from the street to the house and there were limbs and trees down all over the city. ”

The ice storm of 1973 is another that has frequently been mentioned when comparing storms. During this storm there was a 96-hour below freezing period and power could not be restored for more than a week. Connie Mashburn, president of the Alpharetta Historical Society, said he had never seen a storm this bad in the area.

 “The ice storm of 1973 had the whole city shut down for a couple of days and there were more power outages. I don’t remember it snowing this much, it was more freezing rain and sleet.” Connie said.

Edmond Chester is in his early 90s and has been in the area his entire life, but has never experienced a storm like this. Although he was unable to get out and enjoy the snow, he was astonished to see it stick around.

“The snow has never been on the ground for this long,” Chester said.

Margaret Sheidler January 17, 2011 at 01:31 PM
As an Atlanta native I think the ice storm of 1973 was the worst because we had no power for so long. Think about being stuck in the house with no heat, no tv or even stove! As for actual snowstorms, the 1982 Snowjam was at least as bad as this one because it hit during afternoon rush hour. I had to abandon my car, take a bus to the Marta station and walk. Fortunately, a good Samaritan in a 4 wheel drive picked me up and drove me home!


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