Check Here for a Live Traffic Update

Our interactive, real-time Alpharetta-Milton Patch feature shows traffic information when you need it most.

Keeping up with local traffic conditions just got easier, thanks to our partners from Mapquest.

Want to check the traffic scene before you begin your commute home? Now you can thanks to our partners from Mapquest.

Our mission at Alpharetta-Milton Patch is to report on the community--and that means traffic, too.

Today we roll out a traffic map, with help from Mapquest. If you click on the "larger map" feature at the bottom you'll see a larger map version for you to get directions, etc.

Before you walk out the door, find out where the traffic tie-ups are and avoid sitting in traffic any longer than you already do.

Use the map to:

  • Avoid a traffic accident
  • Find out where road construction may be slowing traffic
  • Locate bottle necks due to heavy traffic

If you see an icon such as an orange triangle that appears on the map, mouse over a icon for information on just what's holding up the traffic in that spot.

The roads that show up in green are free flowing, the yellow means expect slow traffic on this portion of the road and if you see red, there are major traffic delays.

The map is updated every five minutes. We'll keep it handy on our homepage so you can locate it easily.

If you find this new feature handy, let us know. Just use our comment box on the homepage or send an email to Bob Pepalis.


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